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A Course on Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"

For study material please see the attachment.  For the Chinese text, please see WikiSource. War is of vital importance to the life or death…

Started by Joe Fulton

6 Jun 23, 2013
Reply by Joe Fulton

The study of philosophy.

I have studied philosophy for about ten or more years and still come up with different definitions. The core definition is "the love of wis…

Started by Paul lee James

4 Jun 19, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James

Moral Authority & Powers

One of the things that led to a change in views over the years is the disconnect between so-called psychic powers and morality. I have come…

Started by Joe Fulton

2 Jun 19, 2013
Reply by Hari Menon

Saying Goodbye to the World of the Metaphysical

First of all, I would like to thank Capt. Kumar for his challenge, Jessica for her timely chat question about Empiricism and Wouter Hanegra…

Started by Joe Fulton

7 Jun 16, 2013
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

The Reality of Change

"Change", as the great teacher Buddha is widely believed to have opined, "is the only constant in the universe". Or something similar. I a…

Started by Capt. Anand Kumar

3 Jun 14, 2013
Reply by Hari Menon

What is faith?

It seems faith is absolutely never questioning truth as you see it. I have the faith to see understand and believe what I see and understan…

Started by Paul lee James

4 May 19, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James

What Is the Biggest Idea That Changed Your World?

Once again I have stolen an idea (they taste better stolen) that just seemed too good to pass up.  Puzzlesolver was all excited about a boo…

Started by Joe Fulton

1 May 7, 2013
Reply by Seth Edwards

Human: The Theosophical View

Can't resist asking... are you human?  I am starting to question what humans are. Under the FAQ's "what is Theosophy"  #1 Divine/Human/Natu…

Started by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

7 May 4, 2013
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

What is Justice?

From Mirriam-Webster online dictionary: Definition of JUSTICE 1 a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the imp…

Started by Joe Fulton

6 Apr 5, 2013
Reply by Capt. Anand Kumar

Do You Know Who Said This?

    "Life is ruled by fortune not wisdom."                                        ~? How does this make you feel?  Is this a true stateme…

Started by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

1 Jan 12, 2013
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer


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