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The Tao te Ching

It just seems to me that for a while now I have been wanting to study the Tao te Ching to find out the esoteric attributes of it and that m…

Started by Paige

9 Sep 9, 2013
Reply by John

Free Will

I believe in free will.There are some restraints on the words alone like morality and ill morality plus laws. Like do not walk on the grass…

Started by Paul lee James

3 Sep 8, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James

A Snippet of number 2 from the Tao te Ching

"Being and non-being create each other.Difficult and easy support each other.Long and short define each other.High and low depend on each…

Started by Paige

0 Sep 4, 2013

Scientific vs. Mystical - A Crossroads

The Theosophy Network got its start as essentially a forum to promote mystical/occult thought based on the Theosophical tradition.  As such…

Started by Joe Fulton

2 Aug 26, 2013
Reply by Capt. Anand Kumar

The Experiential Dilemma

This thought has its genesis in another discussion where a question is raised as to how to provide proof or logic for the knowledge gained…

Started by Capt. Anand Kumar

55 Aug 25, 2013
Reply by Ferran Sanz Orriols

What is Moral?

Let's start with the paragon of all knowledge.  Yeps, that would be Wikipedia.  They define the term "morality" as: "Morality (from the Lat…

Started by Joe Fulton

2 Aug 20, 2013
Reply by Dewald Bester

Allegory of the Cave

Started by PuzzleSolver

1 Aug 17, 2013
Reply by PuzzleSolver

Change of mind.

At what point do we change our mind/thought  concerning  believing? What convinces us it's the truth? Logical reasoning, a gut feeling, int…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Aug 15, 2013

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is a spiritual truth to which we posses with our experience, using our experiences as guides. What convinces us to believe this or t…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Aug 15, 2013

The words interpret,inert and babbling.

I am beside myself with anger about the words interpret and inert. It would seem some readers interpret words they claim or inert. As for m…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Jul 25, 2013


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