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Theosophy & The Nation of Islam

This story is one based on my personal experiences.  As President of the Akron Branch of the TS, Adyar I had the good fortune of meeting pe…

Started by Joe Fulton

0 Sep 6, 2010

Blavatsky and the Jews

HELP! Years ago, I read something in either the Secret Doctrine or the Collected Writings about the Jews conflating the deva attached to t…

Started by Bart Lidofsky

6 May 12, 2010
Reply by Leila Becquer

HPB writing in Hodgson's script?

Recently came upon a quite intriguing passage in a letter from HPB to Sinnett. She wrote to him: "As for Mr. Hodgson he may yet write one…

Started by Govert Schuller

1 Nov 12, 2009
Reply by Govert Schuller

Historical Jesus vs Mythical Christ

Continuation of earlier discussion.

Started by Joe Fulton

1 Oct 19, 2009
Reply by David

Tax Exempt Documents

Here are the latest available tax returns from several Theosophical organizations. In the US, these documents are available for public ins…

Started by Joe Fulton

4 Jun 23, 2009
Reply by Joe Fulton


Memes are to ideas and philosophies what genes are to beings...biologically and epistimologically, the basic building blocks. Richard Dawki…

Started by Joe Fulton

1 Jun 20, 2009
Reply by Charles Cosimano

Wisdom teachings versus "Parliament of the World's Religions" and "URI"

HPB and Wisdom teachings versus "Parliament of the World's Religions" and "URI". Dear friends My views are: In the following I am only s…

Started by M. Sufilight

24 May 28, 2009
Reply by Katinka Hesselink

Theosophical Society (Adyar) policy issues

The results of my poll make it very clear that western members of the TS feel the president of the TS should be elected directly by the mem…

Started by Katinka Hesselink

22 Apr 10, 2009
Reply by Katinka Hesselink


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