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Masters of Karma.

In my dalliance with Theosophy I have on occasions come across these karmic arbiters and have been confused. While I am no expert in Theoso…

Started by Paul Murchison

9 Aug 28, 2012
Reply by Paul Murchison


If the Occult Brotherhood founded most/all religions, are they actually good?

It has been a long time since I read about the Occult Brotherhood in probably Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine, and I am not done with…

Started by David

33 Jul 30, 2012
Reply by David


Did Madame Blavatsky fabricate things/words?

Someone recently recommended Rene Guenon to me, and in one book where he claims to debunk Theosophy, it says Madame Blavatsky made up words…

Started by David

10 Jul 24, 2012
Reply by Patita Dikshita

What about Helena Roerich?

 Hi, friends!  I am a fan of HPB, and I'm also a fan of Helena Roerich and the Agni Yoga books. My opinion is that Agni Yoga books come fro…

Started by Ferran Sanz Orriols

22 Apr 1, 2012
Reply by Monad

Mixed thoughts about Crowley?

Hello dear "theosophical friends"! I must say that I'm researching about various subjects related with Blavatsky, Theosophy, Secret Societi…

Started by Lady Line

22 Dec 17, 2011
Reply by Mark Worthington

HPB - First of the Moderns or Last of the Medievals?

I was having a discussion with a member earlier this morning about some of HPB's personal habits and after going to work I got to thinking…

Started by Joe Fulton

12 Dec 11, 2011
Reply by David

What did Blavatsky Miss?

In a recent note to someone I had mentioned some reasoning behind the discussion on the Stanzas of Dzyan.  Recently, the thought came to mi…

Started by Joe Fulton

46 Dec 1, 2011
Reply by Joe Fulton

Theosophical view about Wicca?

Hello, dear new friends! I'm new here and it's my first post. First I want to say that I've grown up hearing about Theosophy and I've been…

Started by Lady Line

18 Nov 23, 2011
Reply by Devilwoman - Tammy

Introduction of the Witch, Devilwoman aka Tammy Metrou

I listed this discussion for its sad to say when I share my path in life, many mixed reactions come from who and what I am. Odder who and w…

Started by Devilwoman - Tammy

0 Nov 23, 2011

Authority Figures and Pseudonyms

I have a question. Is it ok for someone to stand as an authority figure pseudonymously? How far would you trust someone only identifying th…

Started by Joe Fulton

11 Nov 3, 2011
Reply by Ian James


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