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How do you prefer to see the forums on the front page?'s front page has changed several times, including what you see of the forums. I preferred to see a list of latest topics bein…

Started by David

21 Sep 15, 2011
Reply by Joe Fulton

Cognitive Bias - Part One

This is the first in a long series about cognitive bias.  In many ancient texts the nature of mind was discussed from the perspective of th…

Started by Joe Fulton

0 May 24, 2011

What is your most basic belief?

Since us theosophists are supposed to be questioners and ponderers - I have something to ponder for you all: what is your most basic belief…

Started by Katinka Hesselink

13 Apr 11, 2011
Reply by Richard Ihle

Daily Life (again)

Ok, all you brilliant metaphysicians out there:  There is a conundrum in my daily life.  And because it's about me, it's way more important…

Started by Susan Thomas

6 Apr 8, 2011
Reply by Susan Thomas

Our Logo Over Time

At the request of Capt. Anand Kumar, I have assembled a little journey through the look of our network over its history, using the logo as…

Started by Joe Fulton

4 Mar 9, 2011
Reply by Joe Fulton


Theosogphy and the Free Software movement

The Free Software movement ( has principles in common with the objects of Theosophy. Free Software Philosophy is: * br…

Started by David

1 Jan 6, 2011
Reply by Maxim Bardin

The Following Theosophical Groups Not-For-Profit Status is at Risk!

According to the Internal Revenue Service, in a circular dated June 30, 2010 the Not-For-Profit status for a number of Theosophical groups…

Started by Joe Fulton

2 Sep 2, 2010
Reply by Joe Fulton


Theosophy on the 'net

Do you not think it would be good to have a Theosophy portal on Wikipedia so it can go in the main portal under religion? (where most Philo…

Started by David

12 Jul 24, 2009
Reply by Charles Cosimano

Tell Us About Yourself

Hello all, For some reason, the earlier incarnation of this discussion has disappeared from the site. Anyway, if you would like to tell th…

Started by Joe Fulton

4 Jun 6, 2009
Reply by Susan Thomas

So if you were the management of the T.S. and you heard about this girasas kingdom invading in the process of forming a 6th race, what would you do?

I wrote to Betty Bland (U.S. President of The Theosophical Society in America) through a Facebook message after she replied to a comment (o…

Started by Brenda Tucker

21 May 23, 2009
Reply by Brenda Tucker


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