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Internet Videos, Images, and Audio in Esotieric Education and Art

This is a forum to discuss all things related to esoteric education through multimedia presentations, especially as they are evolving on th…

Started by James Davis

2 May 14, 2013
Reply by James Davis

The Secret & The Opus.. Is this "New Age" Theosophy?

I'm sure some of you have heard of the movie/documentary called "The Secret", there's also another one called "The Opus" where basically th…

Started by PuzzleSolver

2 Apr 15, 2013
Reply by John

Cloud Atlas: A Movie Review

Cloud Atlas was made by the same team who brought us the Matrix movies.  That should be a suitable enough introduction.   The story, actua…

Started by Joe Fulton

5 Nov 11, 2012
Reply by Olga Stolyarchik

Star Wars - Episodes VII, VIII, and IX - The Force is Back

George Lucas, in a surprise move announced the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.05 billion.  Kathleen Kennedy, the new head of Lucasfilm…

Started by Joe Fulton

1 Nov 8, 2012
Reply by Hari Menon

Opening Science to new thinking

Hello All, I haven't posted on here for a long time. I hope everyone is well and send my special regards to Captain Kumar who might remembe…

Started by Steve Brett

58 Nov 3, 2012
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

Alexander Scriabin

Scriabin was known to have been influenced by Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. Earlier, I posted video of a performance of Prometheu…

Started by J. Spencer Rich

3 Oct 12, 2012
Reply by Mikkel Juel Sørensen

What is Truth?

Found a fine discourse on "what is truth?"EXCERPT: Today, the correspondence view of truth is being brought into doubt by certain postmoder…

Started by ROlly D. Velarde

4 Aug 27, 2012
Reply by Emmanuel Ikan Astillero


RE new blog, I meant it as a post. Still getting used to unusual system. Cheers----Paul. P.S. As an aside, I find Theosophical rounds &…

Started by Paul Murchison

3 Aug 26, 2012
Reply by Paul Murchison

David Bowie Jungian/Occultist blog our new Bowie blog is going through the early motions. A couple of colleagues suggested I expand to a book.…

Started by norman ball

2 Aug 9, 2012
Reply by Joe Fulton

The Deconstructionists of Sufi & Theosophic Myths - Sufism: The Khwajagan, Naqshbandiyya, and the Mala…

Started by Dominique

2 Jul 30, 2012
Reply by David


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