The Theosophical Society International Headquarters, Adyar

Will Tim Boyd share in the punishment that will surely come in the near future?

I give below an extract from my filings with the Police Commissioner and High Court in Chennai, South India


The Theosophical Society, Adyar. Opposite Malar Hospital.

I was very close to Dr. Radha Burnier who was President of the Theosophical Society from 1980 to 2013. She passed away on October 31, 2013.

She had told me on October 23, 2013 – one week before she died in her sleep at night – that when the President passed the custom was to cremate them on the Estate after obtaining permission from the Commissioner of Police.

So around 8 o’clock in the morning of Nov 1, 2013 I went to the Main Hall where the body was lying in state and inquired whether I should go to Commissioner George and obtain the required permission for cremation on the Estate.

The General Manager of the Estate then, and even today, is Mr. HariHaraRaghavan (HHR) who has been very aggressive towards me because he did not like my closeness to Radha Burnier and my easy access to her. He has a difficult personality as will become obvious from talking to the employees and residents of the Estate.

So on Nov 1, 2013 morning when I suggested I would go to Commissioner George he got very angry and slapped me in front of everybody and roughly ordered me to get out of the Estate. I did not respond to his criminal assault on me except to cover my face because he is an elderly man and I was afraid I would hurt him if I responded. When he continued abusing me it became a big embarrassment on a solemn occasion and I decided to leave the venue and quit the Estate.

The Theosophical Society rents several acres to The School, which is a Krishnamurti School, whose foundation is at Vasanta Vihar on Greenways Road. These two institutions ganged up on me and when I went to both places at noon on November 22, 2013 they decided to assault me and throw me out. HHR attacked me again and the employees of The School filed false complaints against me with Inspector Jayasil (J5) of encounter fame in the Velachery bank robber killings of Feb 23, 2012 which was covered in the Hindu with the definite implication that they were murdered in cold blood by Jayasil and company.

I went to meet Jayasil to explain my point of view and he treated me roughly, threatened to come to my house, arrest me, beat me, etc. While I was in his office I called JC Thirugnanam who had a conveyed a message to me from Commissioner George to me about Episode 1. I asked JC Thirugnanam to calm Jayasil down and explain matters to him and who I was, etc. But Jayasil brushed off JC Thirugnanam and continued to abuse me till I left.

The next day I went to Adyar Police Station and filed a complaint against Jayasil and the Theosophical Society which they accepted and stamped, of which I gave you a copy yesterday, Jan 11, 2017 at 7pm.

On Nov 26, to follow up on Commissioner George’s message to me I decided to go first to Mr. Ravi’s house in Poes Garden and then meet Comm. George.

After I met Mr. Ravi and emerged from his house, I got into my car and told the driver to go to COP’s office. There was an obstruction on the ground at the end of the road and I got out of my car to guide the driver around it.

Suddenly Jayasil and his deputy appeared in plain clothes, and I realized he had been tracking my cell phone. They grabbed me and thrust me into my car and told the driver to go to Adyar.

That is, I was kidnapped off the road in front of  Mr. N. Ravi's (Chief Editor, Hindu) house in Poe's Garden by 3 men in mufti, one of whom is Inspector Jayasil of Shastri Nagar Branch next to Besant Nagar Bus Depot.

They violently threatened and forced my driver to drive to Besant Nagar so that they could gain jurisdiction and then changed into police uniform and transferred me to a police van. I told them I was on my way to meet Commissioner George and they could come along if they wanted but that was not what they had in mind. Given Jayasil’s past I was afraid he was going to take me somewhere and kill me. It seems to me he drove me around for nearly 8 hours because we reached Egmore Court about 4pm in the afternoon.

I was produced before magistrate G. Vijayarani who assured me that I would be discharged in 2 hours.

She has written that she "examined" me (she saw me for 2 minutes and did not ask a single question except my name) and made a psychiatric diagnosis that takes a trained doctor a whole day!!! She has mentioned that Inspector Jayasil has "jurisdiction" over my place of residence but that is false because he was attached to Shastri Nagar and I live in Kotturpuram about 5 km away with a different station called Kotturpuram Police Station.

She then deceived me by writing in her order that I was a wandering, homeless, mentally ill person and would need to be confined for 30 days!!!

The magistrate –G.  Vijayarani - in Egmore Court 2, has committed a crime in her order to the IMH where I was ILLEGALLY CONFINED from Nov 26 evening. -  IPC 341, illegal confinement, aided and abetted by Chennai Police.

The Director at IMH, Kilpauk - Dr. Jaiprakash - said he has to follow the court order and I pointed out to him that I had been evaluated as soon as I was brought in at 6 pm on Nov 26 and found to be superior on attributes of - focus, concentration, logic, rationality, calm demeanour etc.

So the magistrate committed a crime by writing what she did and I demanded that he should call the magistrate immediately and secure my unconditional release.

I gave him a petition at 2.30 pm on Nov 28 and he did nothing with it.

I had to endure much humiliation inside the KMH where I was beaten by warders whom I did not raise a hand against because I was sure they were provoking me so that they could put me in a straitjacket.

Yesterday I gave you copies of all the KMH documentation given to me at the hospital.

I was not given a copy of the FIR but managed to read it inside the hospital. I found that HHR has claimed that I was a patient at NIMHANS Bangalore, which was an EXTRAORDINARY FALSE CLAIM. I have never set foot inside NIMHANS in my life so I don’t know where he got that from. HHR should be severely punished for misleading Inspector Jayasil with such patently false claims. The Theosophical Society is equally at fault for not enforcing a policy on comments about matters connected with official events such as the funeral of a sitting President because Dr. Radha Burnier was in office when she died.

For 15 days, from Nov 26 night I shared in the torture that the inmates of the hospital experience day in and day out, the arrogance of the doctors, nurses and helpers, the complete dehumanization, the arbitrary behaviour of the rough characters hired to watch over the denizens of this hell hole where families dump their unwanted relatives.

Then, I requested Mr. Raja Vaidyanathan, an old friend of mine from college to ask his wife Girija Vaidyanathan (Chief Sec now, was Health Sec then) to call Director Jaiprakash and talk to him. After this, Jaiprakash decided to “parole” me and asked to go home and report back on Dec 31.

When I reported back on Dec 31, I was interviewed by a panel of doctors and discharged.

The whole episode was DISGRACEFUL and I would like the guilty to be severely reprimanded and punished. I intend to make this part of my judicial/legal record before the Honourable Justices of the Chennai High Court.

Please keep in mind that I have condensed what I suffered into the space of 5 pages. I could not describe the episodes in less than 50 pages but I will wait for you to ask for more detail if necessary. I will then attempt to go through emails I wrote and consult notes I made at that time.

Magistrate G. Vijayarani is now in Chingleput District Court – 044 27432882

Inspector Jayasil is at Thiruvanmiyur PS (J6) – 9442404455

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