Dave insisted on keeping Dara's letter here but I didn't listen to him...

And sure enough, that Australian trio tried to freeze me out.


DAVE MARSLAND Today at 6:00 AM
Veeravalli Raghavan
Message body

Hi Raghu

Thanks for your email and the update.

I’m sure if you were a member of the Adyar High Table elite then you wouldn’t have had the phone slammed down on you and would probably have been treated like our Prime Minister treats Donald Trump

This tirade of abuse saga just goes on and on doesn’t it? Most people had seen the abuse email and it had become old news until its revival last week.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that ordinary members have no standing as far as the Adyar Theosophical Society leadership and national officials are concerned, and that there is no place in the Society for dissent.

If lines of communication between members and officials are blocked then the main alternative has to be social media and newsboards.

I have no objection to this email being made public. I don’t hide behind copyright.



On 20/02/2017 23:34, Veeravalli Raghavan wrote:

I just called 3 minutes ago and Richard answered the phone and cut me off...presumably under your instructions.

You spoke to me yesterday and thanked me for my help in trying to get your abusive letter off the internet.

I try to forgive you and help you and you freeze me out, I am disappointed in you Dara.

Maybe you wern't trying to freeze me out in which case, please pick up the phone and talk to me when I call next else I must conclude that you ARE freezing me out.

Then, I'll never be able to trust you, or Pedro, or Linda again.

I could have sent your letter to the Sydney police and the foreign ministry too but I didn't because I wanted to help you; you are not behaving honourably.


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