Can Dara, Linda and Pedro be trusted?

Yesterday, Dara and I spoke and she implored me to remove her abusive letter from this forum. I took pity on her, and in spite of Dave's objections decided that I would not insist on its being posted is an email sent directly to me, to do with it as I pleased. Go and consult a lawyer. She thanked me profusely but now I am afraid of the venom of this woman, she may actually do me or my family physical and mental (already feeling shocked at her tirade) harm, so the next step is to register this email with the Sydney Police.

Well, having got their way, these three thought they could safely abandon me. Tells you the kind of people they are.

And I have a lot more to say about Linda and the Esoteric Section, it will all come at the proper time. Just so you know, I lived at Krotona in Ojai for more than a decade. Radha sent me there in March 1996.

So here is the letter from Dara again and I'll be sending it to the Sydney Police too in due course. Let me add that before this woman mentioned it to a world wide audience Pedro's condtion was under wraps and I, for one, never ever mentioned it to a single soul...this woman should be removed from her position and put somewhere else, in my opinion, else she will bring the society down.


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