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Unveiling of Statute of Col Olcott in NJ

Enjoy video record.

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Signs of the Times (Book Review)

Ray Grasse

Signs of the Times : Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events

(Chartottesville, VA: Hampton Roads Publishing, 2002, 297pp.)



Each major writer who analyses the transition from the Piscean period to the Age of Aquarius does so by looking at what he feels are the key signs of transition but also in terms of the ideas and discipline with which he is most at home.  C.G. Jung’s important analysis Aion stresses psychological archetypes…


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Happy New Year - And a Change...

Greetings to everyone from Theosophy.Net

2010 was an exciting year and we have accomplished much.  Let's take a look at where we've been.

We have pursued a strategy of producing freely available core writings within the Theosophical tradition, including:

  • The Theosophist - under HPB's Editorship
  • Lucifer - by HP Blavatsky/Mabel Collins/Annie Besant
  • A series of reference works in conjunction with the Stanzas of Dzyan research project.  Not only do…

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NZ Theosophy Ning Site going off-line

I just learnt that the NZ Ning site may be going off-line in the

next few days. To some it may be a loss. However, it is really not so.

Due to the international character of Internet based forums, any

theosophist can interact with others around the world in such open

independent forums as theos-talk and theosnet ning site. Also these

forums are daily attracting users from around the world as they are (1)

open and not closed and (2) not controlled by any… Continue

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NZ Elections - Interesting Developments

Finally, Internet is coming into play in the National President election in New Zealand. In the past, you get voting papers along with a brief ‘official’ summary about the candidates and members have to decide based on scant information. Members get no advance notice about the candidates, their expertise, experience, future goals. This helps the inner circle of current and former elected officials keep their influence on whom they want to be elected.… Continue

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Analysis of New Age Currents: Book Review

Alice O. Howell

The Heavens Declare: Astrological Ages and the Evolution of Consciousness

(Wheaton, IL: Quest Books,2006, 281pp.)

There are a number of currents of thought which hold that humanity is coming to the end of an historical cycle and is entering into a new age with the start of the new millennium. The most widely spread of these currents of thought is a complex of ideas and practices known as the New Age or the Age of Aquarius. The contemporary New Age began as a… Continue

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