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This quote (below) is a question posed on our Face Book site. I am not even sure if it is a legitimate question <G>


Does anyone know anything about Gundella the Green Witch or if her covens are still around? Blessed Be!

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Teacher was known as Gundella, the good witch - A Marion Kuclo ...

Oct 13, 2010 - Teacher was known as Gundella, the good witch. Gundella Obituary. The fruits of my hour or two with the Detroit News and Observer microfiche ...

There ya go...although I never did hear of the lady before....I'm from Gardnerian before it was popular and my old teacher was Gavin Frost who recently passed onto the summerlands....most recently I'm of Correllian Wicca of Rev. Don Lewis tutelage and I mostly am into Celtic Druidry....there have been a number of famous witches so she is an interesting new addition...shall we?

Thanks! I have passed the links (here) onto Facebook to answer his question.  I am sure he appreciates it.

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