Elf-shot | Definition of Elf-shot by Merriam-Webster

Definition of elfshot. Scottish. : afflicted with a disease supposed to result from a wound by an elf arrow.

BBC - Ulster-Scots - Words and Phrases : elf-shot

Words and Phrases: elf-shot. ... “elf-shot”. Meaning: under a spell; entranced. Elf-Shot. Ulster-Scots A-Z. In Literature: Excerpt from Address to Lettergull by Sarah ...

elf-shot - definition and meaning - Wordnik

If this were a less romantic and credulous age, there would be no trouble about fantasy, as there was no trouble about elf-shot or 'Here be Dragons' in the ...

Urban Dictionary: Elfshot

An Elfshot is another word meaning to spray or fling small amounts of urine at a person you do not like.

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