Intro  from  Peacebliss's post on Theos-Talk, followed by the Letter from Leslie Price:

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Tyranny. Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority - Whether by TS England in its recent actions or in the kicking out of Life members in India.

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The Theosophical Society in England rejected numerous proposals to settle their current problems peacefully, As soon as the “Complaint” against Janet Lee was made, she proposed mediation, and urged the TSE to get legal advice. Having received proper legal advice herself, Janet realised that the TSE was acting outside its own rules, following the wrong procedure, and even breaking charitable law.

I begged the national president to change course before she split the section, and, by courtesy of the national secretary , all members of the national executive committee received a note from me warning that as a last resort the scandal would be made known on facebook.

After a meeting with P. an elected national officer, I was hopeful that a trained mediator could be brought in, and the sanctions against Janet dropped.

But days later a message sent to senior TSE members by the national president ( though not to Janet Lee, as her name had been removed) indicated that the trial would proceed, and that it would also involve 3 secret judges. The horror of this, in a society one of whose founders, H.P. Blavatsky, had fought against the Inquisition, was very great. The pain of it was felt most acutely by Janet Lee, but Theosophists generally will feel it.

The trial, for unbrotherliness, is now in progress.

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Here is another Letter from Leslie Price on Theos-Talk, posted by Peacebliss.

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It’s been six days since the Theosophical Society in England changed the passwords on my theosoc. account without notice. This cut off my access to years of discussion with Theosophical scholars, and also to my own revised draft lectures as a recent appointment as a TSE National Lecturer; also my incomplete 2018 Blavatsky Lecture on “The Wisdom of H.P. Blavatsky”. There are also the preparatory exchanges with Professor Joscelyn Godwin up to earlier this month for the important one day conference he is giving at 50 Gloucester Place on Saturday 30 June on the theme “Building Bridges”, especially with the academic community.

That is still my policy - building bridges not just with scholars and scientists, but with the wide spectrum of people who look to the Theosophical Society on their spiritual journey.

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from Peacebliss on TSE issues


Last month the headquarters manager at the Theosophical Society in England told me he intended to report my facebook postings to the Executive Committee, for bringing the TSE into disrepute; this body meets on Saturday 19 May, when further steps may be taken against me.

He mentioned in particular my two postings about the School of Economic Science, persons connected with which have a growing presence in the TSE corridors of power. Yet most of the EC know almost nothing of that body.

However when I was first active in the London TS in the early 1980s, the London Evening Standard carried out a disturbing investigation into SES ; this was followed by a book “ Secret Cult” by Peter Hounam and Andrew Hogg. Perhaps the gravest aspect concerned the ill-treatment of children in their schools. My friend Rev. Dr Martin Israel, part of the exorcism team of the Bishop of London was priest in charge of a nearby church, Holy Trinity Prince Consort Road, and felt he had come up against SES in his work; indeed he attributed a shoulder injury to the repercussion of this.

Of course it would be foolish to condemn a group today for what some members did in the 1980s, There have been attempts to change the image of the group, though there is still a reluctance by them to publicly admit SES links. But their ethos remains that of a cult, and Theosophists may find themselves in the position of a bird with a hatching cuckoo, being pushed out of the Theosophical nest. Indeed an SES linked person has been prominent in making difficulties for Janet Lee for many months.

Meanwhile the trial of Janet Lee for unbrotherliness continues. I understand the national president has chosen the three secret judges. However it is the national executive committee which will pass sentence, and their next scheduled meeting is not until July 14.

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I think you should bring a lawyer. In any case, subpoena all records, soft copy, cloud records and hard copy from the entire TSE. How else are you going to find out the Truth? Just a thought.

More from Theos-talk (via Peacebliss)


Here is a message I received today from the general manager of the Theosophical Society in England.

"Dear Leslie,
At a meeting of the Executive Committee on Sat 19th May, the matter of your recent posts on social media was discussed at length.

It was found that you have painted a wholly distorted view of an ongoing process that has been both verified by our specialist Lawyers and unanimously accepted by the Executive Committee.

It is also clear that you have made spurious and misleading allegations against certain members of the Society based entirely on hearsay without checking the facts (a prerequisite for any ethically and fair-minded person and especially necessary for a researcher). Furthermore, you have done this in the full knowledge of the damage to the reputation of the Society that would likely result from your actions. As you freely acknowledged yourself, bringing the Society into disrepute.

It is very disappointing to us all, that someone who up until recently we had relied upon to conduct accurate historical research (and who despite being advised to the contrary), should choose to accept at face value, the word of someone who has a verifiable history of making misleading and inaccurate statements, to which you then proceed to publicly disseminate with apparent malice.

In consideration of the above, it has been decided by both the Executive and Summer School Committee, that it would be wholly inappropriate for you to present the prestigious Blavatsky Lecture at this time. Therefore in this matter also, your services are no longer required."
Needless to say, there are many inaccuracies in this message. I affirm this, despite discovering today that the general manager secretly recorded my meeting with him to discuss facebook



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