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Music - What am I Listening To / What am I Playing?

Started by Joe Fulton. Last reply by Deb Nov 11, 2013. 43 Replies

What music are you listening to or playing today?Continue

Tags: music

TV & the Movies - What am I Watching?

Started by Joe Fulton. Last reply by Deb Nov 11, 2013. 29 Replies

So this doesn't have to be something spiritual.  It can be funny or other kinds of mindless.  Ok it can be spiritual, too.Continue

Tags: cable, netflix, movies, TV

What Makes me Happy?

Started by Joe Fulton. Last reply by Deb Nov 11, 2013. 9 Replies

Everyone has something that brings a smile or makes the day less stressful.It could be a song, a picture, a thought or something completely different.Let's hear what makes you happy :)Continue

Tags: joy, happy

What Do You Do?

Started by Jessica R. Huffmeyer. Last reply by PuzzleSolver Apr 11, 2013. 2 Replies

 Everyday we wake up thinking  of thoughts in our minds  and sometimes these thoughts of ours are not positive and can weight us down from performing our daily tasks or achieving our daily goals. It…Continue

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Comment by Christian von Lahr on November 26, 2011 at 12:35am

Thanks Olga, perhaps I could answer what I am perceiving as a question by saying a Teacher is someone who is looking for answers.  That may help you with your question of how to be a good teacher.  Look for what you don't know.  Always.  Those whom you draw you may well be able to speak to because you have already been there, HOWEVER, they too will give you perspectives in their responses that keep you seeking and finding new and expanded meaning.  As you progress, you draw students, so to speak, who are looking for larger answers too.  That's just my opionion, of course, ... there are likely many here far more qualified to give you specific insight.  Thanks for all your comments on Theosophy.net ... you definitly do have a lot of wisdom within you that you are striving to convey.  I've only had the most minor of "taps" into HPB, not usually by actual intention.  I don't tend to TRY and connect with these Higher influences, I just allow for them should they occur.  I've spoken in about 25 countries, but not Tibet ... and have always had an interest in Russia to the point of learning bits of the language.  But, alas, I never made it to either destination.  So, I enjoy reading of  your experiences.

Comment by Olga Stolyarchik on November 25, 2011 at 11:24pm

Hi Christian,

About the Teachers.

Since first ritual Reiki Initiation when Ajna or Sixth Chakra opens for the first time and astral world become visual and real, I thought my Reiki Master is my Higher Teacher. But she told me that she is not my teacher, because I have a potentials and seat for higher goal in the soul development. I didn't understand then what exactly this is mean. And she said the wisdom of Mikao Usui, the Great Master and Founder of the Reiki Healing: “The Teacher will come for you. Do not think the Teacher forgot about you, even when you struggling in life to find your Teacher, the Teacher will find you first, where you were left in a certain special place by the previous Teacher for the new one to find you there.” There a few wise men told me the same thing and asked to be patient and do not give up hope, it will be come true. People who told me that within 10 years at the different occasions were the Higher Teachers , and there was no reason for disbelieve. But my patience runs short and in 2010 while visiting Russia, I went to Tibet to find the answers. And I got the answers. It clarified certain things. The Tibetan monk who were really highly respected by locals, in private session told me (among many things I knew or not about myself) that my Higher Teacher will become to me soon but it will be someone Higher that I will be expecting, more likely an Adept.

Traveling back home“bend” my mind to understand of the possibility of such thing - the Adept Higher Teacher. A skepticism tried take the best of me thinking about the answer.

Until the day comes and all start falling into the place. My Teacher is HPB, and maybe its sound silly but there is the story behind that unique Higher Connection. All the spiritual encounters, initiations and other experiences in this life - written in my journal. My essays far off the chart because of my English skills is a self-taught. It is unedited and never intended to be publicized. This is why I decided to not write in Russian language (which can be easy translated) I named the journal “The Patterns of my Soul”.

My mind is complex and so my writing. Believe me, I like to share and will do that little by little. But something inside telling me that phrase of a self-doubt: I don't know how to become a teacher. There a lots of in mind “compartments” which may be essential and valuable knowledge for somebody. But I don't know how to teach or become a teacher. No experience in that field. When people have own children then is the chance to become a good teacher. What to do when have none? Where to start? Where is the student ends and a teacher begins?

Comment by Michael Simon on November 25, 2011 at 8:50pm
Where does a teacher not go for help? Are giving and receiving two actions for a teacher, or one circuit? Why would a teacher demonstrate not needing help? "Lead by example; don't drive by mandate" suggests Bill Wilson. Who is not my teacher? Who is not my student? Everyone leads by example. Sometimes I "prefer" the example, and sometimes not. Beyond my preferences, what is?

A caterpillar leads by eating.
A caterpillar leads by resting (in cocoon).
A caterpillar-with-wings leads by flying.

Which one is the "best" teacher? Or which is teacher, which student? Are they not all perfectly themselves? Are they not all natural, all nature? Does each not die to live again? Should I see what you see, or can my sight be enough?

Also I had my first Wild Rice-stuffed Roasted Sage & Terriyaki
Basted Tofurkey Thanksgiving yesterday. It was delicious! And Black Friday is a wonderful song by the band, Megadeth. So it's all good (even when I prefer it not).
Comment by Allan Beveridge on November 25, 2011 at 6:38pm

I am? Well, again, thank you Christian. I read this thread with smiles and a warm feeling such that I forgot for a moment the push I am giving myself to get this weeks Thought of the Day out. Merci for that!!!

Christian, you mentioned:

To that end, though, it may be necessary to get out of their “thinking” mode so they can actually BE THEMSELVES, and therefore with less ego-based activity (and I mean this in a good way),  they can be inspired by everyone and everything around them, and [above] them.  I find the Universe DOES RESPOND to our desires, but it does so THROUGH the experiences  in our life; so, when you have a need or ask such a question, from that moment on look at EVERTHING as an answer that the Universe is providing.


I like this,a lot, especially "look at EVERTHING as an answer". I have said something similar and will share this little piece from the essay called "Experience as a Teacher":

We have discussed ways to work on our thoughts, and that when we resist what is in our best interests we likely have thought constructs that are enabling this. The rational mind develops with all manner of inconsistencies and blocks such as these. The issues we face point them out their presence to us, and give us the opportunity to work on correcting them, should we choose to accept it. The answers you find may not resolve the problem completely or quickly; however, it will not likely be resolved at all unless you look within for answers. Accepting responsibility tells our rational mind that old thoughts are not sacred or sacrosanct. Thinking about and empowering our willingness to learn and grow creates a potent thought form.


The body of our rational mind is our thoughts, conscious or otherwise, hence this act results in the creation of thought forms that make it easier for us. It also helps eliminate those that restrict us. Pay attention to your reactions as you go through life. Try to notice when you feel odd, hurt, different, strange, apprehensive, nervous etc. and take a moment to consider why. When you do, you will begin to understand why you need not wait for a teacher to come to you if you learn to listen to your own life.

Sorry this is a little long, I needed to include the first paragraph so the second one made sense.

Now, back to finishing my brain break and then onto the TOD. Have a wonderful evening Joe, and Christian;)

Comment by Christian von Lahr on November 25, 2011 at 4:50pm

Joe asked,

"Where do spiritual teachers go when they need help?"


Good thought, Joe.  And Allan is the man to go to with such a question; he is brilliant in this regard.  My first reaction would be to consider that Teachers, by their nature, DO NOT have traditional teachers themselves.  Therefore, THEIR personal teaching is received inherently in the process of their teaching others.

To that end, though, it may be necessary to get out of their “thinking” mode so they can actually BE THEMSELVES, and therefore with less ego-based activity (and I mean this in a good way),  they can be inspired by everyone and everything around them, and [above] them.  I find the Universe DOES RESPOND to our desires, but it does so THROUGH the experiences  in our life; so, when you have a need or ask such a question, from that moment on look at EVERTHING as an answer that the Universe is providing.

Comment by Christian von Lahr on November 25, 2011 at 4:40pm

FRIDAY, November 25th (2011)

I’ve created a new page today under my Group “Open Wisdom.”  The page is titled, “A NEW NAME FOR THE SITE”.  It is a discussion page to get thoughts on a Name Change, (something that I am suggesting, not necessarily an aim of Administration – this is just me speaking out). 

I have started the discussion / exploration by suggesting one name idea, and I’ve given my few words in the Group PREAMBLE as to why a name change might be considered, and why I chose the one described.


Comment by Christian von Lahr on November 25, 2011 at 3:50pm

Joe said,

"... Next will be some reading of the Gnostic Circle...don't want Lori to think I'm a complete slacker."

Ha, I can't imagine you as a slacker Joe; you are more like “the Borg” of StarTrek scripts, assimilating everything along your way. You have an
incredible capacity for such things.

It makes me wonder if back in days of old, people had a hundred things to do in our brief hours of the day. Perhaps the more we learn the easier learning becomes, or so increases our capacity for experiences and understanding. However this plays out, your little footprints are being noticed
traipsing from forum to forum.


Comment by Christian von Lahr on November 25, 2011 at 3:41pm

FRIDAY, November 25th (2011)

This is one of those exciting synchronistic days; everywhere I turn I am running into people in every way from all over the world.


It's the day after Thanksgiving down here in Malibu, USA ... but it seems there's a great big world of opportunity to be thankful for today. This is like EXPERIENCING “Outside of the Box.”


Meeting and conversing with people from distant places is just the same as getting new perspectives, and so it is a growing experience. Growing experiences go way back to childhood where every day was a new day we awaited with great anticipation.  This represents [change] to me, and change is progress.  And, this reminds me of an underlying theosophical conception of life being movement.  So, today there is great movement in the world and it feels like the theosophical inspiration is being felt.


Even here in this new group, the salutations are coming in from continent-to-continent.  It makes me feel grateful that there are ways to both reach out and to be received; kind of what mankind [must] look forward to as we evolve through an entire Physical Universe  ̶  even this a mere symbol of the transformation we will undertake in the greater Universe of Consciousness.  This group is one of those ways to be a part of a bigger world.   Is it just me, or do we really feel bigger inside when we can embrace the ALL, … even if it’s just through these daily glimmers of lightness?


I have been noticing that coincidental with the expanded perspective of being parts of bigger world, innumerable things are suddenly changing.  Today has been like a big batch of pop-corn – all the little matters that have been collecting like dust particles in life are suddenly popping-up to the forefront as solutions in themselves, so my house of cards is a little cleaner today.


Comment by Monica Pege on November 25, 2011 at 8:19am

Great that it's raining in New Mexico...very auspicious...I'm not participating in the Black Friday craziness, either...this was not the time for me financially, but even if it was, I wouldn't be participating...it feels like a good time for quietude and contemplation...the frenzy of the holidays is the last thing I need right now. Peace to All!

Comment by Ferran Sanz Orriols on November 25, 2011 at 7:11am

 Since about one month ago or so, I am feeling more and more optimistic about life. Warm blessings to everyone!!!


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