If you use Free/Libre/Opensource Software (best for many reasons) chat programs you can connect to chat (also at other Ning sites) with a plug-in. It is Pidgin-NIng, for Pidgin (a graphical-user-interface (GUI) instant-messaging/internet-relay-chat (IM/IRC) chat program similar to Trillian) and works with others that can use libpurple, like BitlBee (I use for IRC). For now you might have to check out Pidgin-Ning code with Subversion and compile it yourself, or wait for a new .dll or .so, or go to Freenode IRC #pidgin channel/'chat-room' to ask. Thanks to the administrators for letting a Pidgin-Ning developer sign up here to test & improve the plugin until it worked here.

    I am now logged in almost all the time in the chat room, but actually there at the times (and time zone) mentioned in my status update on my page. I have been inactive long, because as I had said, I am less interested in forums, and my interests have changed (I am still spiritual, but a mathematical philosopher/occultist)... also several of my friends became inactive or left or were banned. However, I am almost always interested in philosophical/spiritual chat, that I already do a lot on IRC and am open to doing so again regularly here.

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