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Ning has had serious on-going system issues since the first of the year. They are still working on it.

Peace -


issues: 1/1/2017 ongoing as of 01/10/2017

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well - we still have issues.

date 1/11/2017

If anyone has issues with system functions, please let me know.

In general, it seems to be working.   1/12/2017

I live about a mile from Adyar and was close to Radha Burnier for many years. In fact, on Oct 23, 2013 I visited her at her home on the Estate, took her the yogurt she liked. One week later, Oct 31, she was gone. She had many good qualities and many bad ones too, but I liked her very much. She loosened up in my company and told me many delightful stories about the Society and its early days. In fact, she figures in Alain Danielou's book The Way To The Labyrinth from page 198 onwards into the next Chapter, 12. I gave her the book to read and she was surprised Danielou remembered it all so well !!!

She sent me to Krotona in 1996 and I lived there for 10 years until 2007. Taught at CSUN, a 60 min commute from Ojai. Radha gave me the opportunity to stay at Krotona because she felt my interest in Krishnamurti is genuine and I deserved a chance to slake my passion for the teachings at the source, so to speak.

The TS today is in a sad state and I shall be (have taken) some decisive steps to right the ship. But man proposes and God disposes so I don't know what the outcome will be.

But I will say that the National Secretaries of the bigger and wealthier Sections - AMerican, Australian, UK, all the sections in Europe, NZ, - are ALL derelict in their duty, in my opinion, because they have not updated their members on the latest happenings at Adyar. TS members are strangely apathetic and do not seem to care that the society is going down the drain.

I'll say more later if there is interest in all this, but I don't expect much from such a sleepy membership.


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