This is a note to let everyone know that we have reached our 1000th member!

Three years ago, Theosophy Network’s Ning site, Theosophy.net, was launched due to the foresight and faith of Joe Fulton along with Susan’s active support; both are long time theosophists. The objective was to provide a site outside the control of all theosophical organizations. It had beginnings as a forlorn hope, likely what the founders thought when the TS was created in New York.

Using Internet, a global community now exists where those interested in varied aspects and lineages of theosophy may come together; free of any geographical borders, bricks and mortars, buildings, real estate, bank accounts and attendant problems. It is now a reality with over 1,000 members from countries around the world all in common Brotherhood. No other independent site dedicated to theosophy, with this size and scope, exists in the world (to our knowledge).

Joe Fulton has committed time and personal resources to create this site. We give him our thanks and gratitude. Furthermore, we acknowledge our wonderful members who have helped create this dynamic environment. Now, the future will unfold with the support of our members, whether intellectual, technical or monetary; the century is open for our creation and only History herself will be the ultimate witness. We will move forward together.

Let us all rejoice on our success, and look forward to theosophy as a living quest in the lives of each one of us and the peoples throughout the world.

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Let us all join in welcoming Murray Stentiford, a long time theosophist from New Zealand who is our 1000th member. Please post your welcome comment on his page.


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