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What is Sacred Geometry?

A non-wiki explanation or basic overview of what Sacred Geometry is: Geometry is a vast field of study and Sacred Geometry is a term used…

Started by PuzzleSolver

0 Nov 20, 2013

Spiritual gifts.

   I am beginning to understand some of my spiritual gifts, Love,patience,understanding,non-judging, sensing others negativity by watching…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Nov 17, 2013

Monkeys, Gorillas and the word divine.

John,  Do you remember the conversation we had about monkeys and Gorillas? I forgot it, do you remember? Now about the word divine. It is s…

Started by Paul lee James

5 Nov 8, 2013
Reply by John E. Mead

My spiritual walk.

In my spiritual walk to find God, it seems I am always surrounded by peace, peace of mind and peace within and peace with all. I ask myself…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Nov 3, 2013


Philosophy to me is understanding what one is reading be it a discipline or human nature. It seems to me that nature as we see it draws us…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Nov 1, 2013

Words that mean different things.

Like the word Karma. I have learned within other beliefs this word has more than one meaning. By being interpreted differently with each be…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Nov 1, 2013

Knowledge to the lost blind world.

My friends, A question. If the sages of old knew any truth or truths, why didn't they share them with those they trusted (there are many pr…

Started by Paul lee James

1 Oct 22, 2013
Reply by John E. Mead


Science at the Crossroads

  Science at the Crossroads   [excerpt] " From the methodological perspective, both traditions emphasize the role of empiricism. For examp…

Started by John E. Mead

2 Oct 12, 2013
Reply by John E. Mead


Joe, What happened? Why do you not believe in theosophy anymore? I miss you. Paul/

Started by Paul lee James

0 Oct 2, 2013


Thank all of you for your patience with me. It means a lot from all of you. I love Theosopy,psychology and philosophy, and babel a lot.Bles…

Started by Paul lee James

1 Sep 30, 2013
Reply by John E. Mead


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