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Why is Theosophy difficult to understand?

     So I was thinking, is Theosophy difficult to understand? Is it that we make it difficult ourselves by the way things are explained, as…

Started by PuzzleSolverLatest Reply

Active Theosophy

Theosophy, as is generally understood, involves finding and studying wisdom that is eternal. However, many a times such study takes so much…

Started by Capt. Anand KumarLatest Reply


What is the one word that comes to your mind when you see the word 'esoteric'?

Started by Joe FultonLatest Reply

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50 Years From Now

What do you think will be the most important developments in the fields of Theosophy / Integral Studies by the year 2061?

Started by Joe Fulton

5 Apr 14
Reply by Mark Kusek


Sage Meercat to Disciple Dingo

Sage Meercat to Disciple Dingo  --"so by focusing on "Mind" one may overcome instinctive desires, such as running in Fear ... and yes, eat…

Started by John E. Mead

1 Feb 20
Reply by PuzzleSolver


I dream of a world where all understand each other. All the greeting that is ever needed between two individuals is a momentary meeting of…

Started by Seth Edwards

1 Jan 21
Reply by Capt. Anand Kumar


I feel its important to create a mental grid in which to see the world through- to create a set of general mental directives to follow with…

Started by Seth Edwards

0 Jan 19


Arguments can be made to support or deny ANYTHING. Physical evidence, indisputable on its own, can be made to look in favor of, or against,…

Started by Seth Edwards

2 Jan 9
Reply by Seth Edwards

Hypothetical Reasons for Us All

Why do you think we're here? What is the reason for existence? Or, more simply put, just WHY? Could it be that we are here to elevate ourse…

Started by Seth Edwards

19 Jan 7
Reply by Seth Edwards

Our Core

What is that thing that is always the observer, and never the observed? That thing within you that is inherently indescribable, for its the…

Started by Seth Edwards

1 Dec 30, 2013
Reply by Capt. Anand Kumar

Human Evolution

Hello All,I read an article about the human evolution according to HPB:

Started by Maxim Bardin

2 Dec 23, 2013
Reply by Maxim Bardin

What is spirituality?

One can (sense) it but will have problems explaining it to others. As I look out at nature I (sense) something about it but I am not sure w…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Nov 29, 2013

Spiritual mysteries.

  It seems the deeper I go into my spiritual search for my real identity my eyes are opened to curiosity and I am drawn to it. A question a…

Started by Paul lee James

4 Nov 20, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James


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